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Just Driving Through, Avoid at All Cost, THEY HATE TOURISTS

I was driving through this small town quite awhile back. Before I knew it a police officer pulled me over. Gave me a ticket for speeding, I do not believe I was but he did not show me the radar so I do not know. Chief Redman was not very nice to me. Lied to me numerous times. Was very condescending, probably a Trump supporter. Wrote the ticket out wrong, got the year of my vehicle wrong. I asked if there was a washroom close, he said use the restaurant, I went there very mean lady there said he should know better No you can not used it, the service station was just as bad, she was even meaner. They hate tourists there. The Chief told me I had to come back, another lie, that I could not use the net for defense, another lie. I wrote numerous letters and numerous emails explaining that there was an error on the ticket that it was null and void. They replied that they did not care that I was still guilty. I call the court long distance. They said I am sorry you do not understand out laws here but you are still guilty and we want our money. I guess there are no lawyers in that town as they would not pass the BAR exam. Oh yes I did receive a letter that said Contested, I thought all was good then. I was wrong. I do not believe that they are completely honest there. And Chief Redman will hand you ticket for I feel pretty much anything. Lie to you so you will miss court, write the ticket out wrong , I mean what does he care You are still guilty in his district. The police are right the rest of the world is wrong.
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TourmasterPosted on Sep 25, 2017
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