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terrible town with corrupt officials

Wow... when I saw this ranking I was like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? The issue is Dahlonega SHOULD BE a great place to live!!! It has the college, art community, gardening clubs, lots of freespace for fun recreation, and often there are goingson in town that are very entertaining... however... NEVER MOVE HERE! As it stands right now, if you don't know someone in the community and aren't "christian" you're NOT WELCOME! The school system stinks, the only reason their test scores seem okay is because of all the drop-outs they have... heck, I'd drop out too if I had to hear my teachers tell me to pray!!! Seriously, this town is run by corruption and favors via the who-you-know system. I will shout from its picturesque mountaintops, DON'T MOVE HERE... I made the mistake of believing it was going to be nice... but wait until you need the courts or ANY public official for anything... unless you're screwing them, you're screwed!
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samdavisPosted on Aug 10, 2013
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