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Coshocton, Ohio - Low Crime, Great Weather

I've lived in Coshocton, Ohio my entire life. It is a medium sized town even though it is called "The City of Coshocton." Trust me, this is not a city. Coshocton has a suburban area, a small downtown and a few middle class blocks. Housing in Coshocton is not very expensive. Suburban houses cost around $150,000 while in-town housing costs around $60,000. If you look hard you can find a few apartments here and there, but there are not many rentals in this town. The things I love about Coshocton is the low crime rate, the weather, the locals and the school district. There is little to no violent crime here. All of the locals are very friendly, because everyone knows everyone here. The school district is clean, and educates students very well. During the winter we get plenty of snow, the fall is chilly and the spring and summer are fair weather. The bad thing about this town is it got hit badly by the recession. There is a plaza area with three abandoned stores where Wal-Mart, Fashion Bug and Big Bear used to be. It is difficult to find a good paying job, so many people have moved away to find better opportunities. However, in the past year the luck of Coshocton has been turning up. A Little Caesar's Pizza, Tim Horton's and a small donuts shop opened. If you are looking for a small town to raise a family, this may be the town for you. Do not move here if you are looking to start a business or job hunting.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jun 24, 2011
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