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City is Too Congested

Corona use to be a nice place to live. The city has decided to build hundreds of homes and apartments. Unfortunatly the city doesn't have the infrastructure to support all the new people. The roads are heavily congested at all hours. It takes forever to get across town. To get on the freeway in the morning is a joke. Plan to spend an hour just getting to the freeway. I would not recommend anyone to move here. You will regret it unless you like sitting in your car alot.Also there are few good restaurants or entertainment venues, so if you do move here plan to drive to another city for something to do.
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ItaknamkcorbPosted on Nov 19, 2017
Corona, California - As Feasable as it is Desirable

I have lived in Corona, California for five of its 124 historic years. Unlike many bedroom communities surrounding Los Angeles' urban sprawl, Corona has a downtown encompassed by the 360 degree Grand Boulevard. Contained within the street pattern are Corona's Public Library, Regional Medical Center and Shopping Center. The moniker, Circle City became well known from 1913 to 1916 when international automobile races were held on Grand Boulevard. Corona was part of the 19th Century citrus boom with the close proximity of the Santa Ana River. As the gateway to the Inland Empire of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, most of America's oranges were grown here. As a modern day tribute to the arts, Fender Musical Instruments, a Corona manufacturer has opened a museum and performance venue based just north of where the 91 and I-15 Freeways intersect. Just south of the junction, Dos Lagos offers a large, new shopping and dining area with an outdoor water feature, twin lakes dissected by a walking path. This convenient city of approximately 125,000 has two separate Metro Link train depots, making quick, inexpensive travel to Southern California and beyond just as feasible as it is desirable.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 31, 2010
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