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Fun and Excitement in Coon Rapids, MN

About five years ago I started my annual visits to Coon Rapids. This small city offers fun and excitement in a friendly atmosphere. In Coon Rapids you will see decorative lighting and a newly enhanced park system. There is fun for the entire family to be had in Coon Rapids. I love it because you feel right at home. Every year I go to several of the indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks in Coon Rapids. I play softball with my children and fish and boat. When I visit Coon Rapids I feel the most relaxed I have ever felt. I feel refreshed after a vacation to this little spot of joy and am ready to go back to my job in the city. I feel rejuvenated and renewed. We always stay at a local bed and breakfast where the owners have come to know our names. My children always have the best time and I feel fully capable of letting them go play without worrying weather or not they will be okay. I love the small town feel of Coon Rapids and I look forward to my trip every year. It is a place for the entire family to go and have fun.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 10, 2010
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