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Concord - A Hidden Jewel of New England

The memory of our stay in Concord, NH still brings a smile to my face. Concord appeared to be a clean and well maintained community. Beyond the breathtaking scenery was a quaintness which had a timeless quality about it. During our stay in Concord, we stayed at the Centennial hotel which had free parking and turn down service, defintely a bonus and not something you find in every hotel! For our first dinner in Concord we chose The Barley house restaurant. We started with warm bread sticks and hummus, followed by Irish whiskey steak and homemade bread pudding. The service was a little slow but I was impressed with the acoustic band that performed there. The next day we enjoyed walking the trails at the Society for the preservation of New England forests. Shopping in Concord was fun as well and l enjoyed the Steeplechase Mall, although l have to admit l found better bargains at the Colony Mill Marketplace. We also visited the Christa McCauliffe planetarium which was quite enjoyable. Traffic in Concord can get heavy, but for the most part congested driving was not a huge issue. l got a kick out of a sign that read "Moose Crossing." The nightlife in Concord was fun and safe. We visited multiple bars in Concord and they all offered a fun and exciting atmosphere. I would definitely return again.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 26, 2010
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