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Compton, CA - Not As Wild As It Used To Be

When people hear Compton mentioned, most immediately think of shootings and crime. Before the mid 1990s, Compton was not safe for anyone. Since that time, the city has been desperately trying to shed that negative image. While Compton is still in high crime ranking, most of the crimes are gang-related, rarely targeted at anyone who is not affiliated with a gang. Nerves are still raw and the community is still fairly suspicious and unfriendly. I have traveled there several times and have never heard a single gunshot, though. While this city of Compton is definitely one of the top ten worst cities in the country to live, there are several safe and fun places to visit in Compton. Crystal Park Casino Hotel gives tourists a fun place to play blackjack or slot machines and stay if they like. The rooms are clean and pretty decent. The Par 3 golf course is a great place to take a few swings. Near the courthouse is the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Shopping is limited in Compton. Restaurants are plentiful, though, one of the best being Honey's Kettle Fried Chicken. This restaurant offers scrumptious food for a great price.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 06, 2010
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