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In Touch With Nature In Collierville, TN

Moving to Collierville, TN five years ago was the best decision that I made. The weather is beautiful most of the year, and there are several things to do in the town. I am buying my home right now, but when I moved here, I had to rent a home. The prices are affordable for the sizes because it's not one of those large cities with all of the glistening lights and large buildings. This is a town where you can feel like you're at home. When I'm not working, I enjoy walking through the historic district. There are railroad tracks where you can see trains go by, and there are even some that you can walk on to see the way of life on a train. I enjoy sitting in the gazebo reading a book or simply looking at nature. My favorite part of the area is walking through the cabins. These have been designed so that they look like they did when there was no electricity or plumbing. You are taken back to a time of simplicity. Herb Parsons Lake is an area where you can go fishing, but there really aren't as many fish as you would think. It's a lake that is more for boating as the fish population has been reduced because of the number of people who have been on the lake. There are walking trails by the lake, but I have seen a few snakes in the area, so it's wise to stay along the banks instead of going too far into the woods. Collierville is a town where you can enjoy nature as many of the activities are outdoors.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jun 12, 2015
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