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NEPOTISM is crazy in CL

The degree of Nepotism is so high. Just one family has hold the position of Major for more than 40 years. You can find that the most important of the public positions have been hold for the relatives and friends of the Major. At one time, three of the school's Principals were the daughter or daughter-in-law of the Major. Most of the position in the PD, FD, and Board of Education, teacher, teachers aids, lunch aids, are sponsored for a relative working in another public position. There were cases where a Principal can not take decisions like changing a lunch aid from one class to another as a results of parents complains (like using bad words and bad expressions again students) because the the person affected by the change is the mother, aunt, or a relative of a police officer whom can call the Principal in less than a five minutes asking to reverse the decision.About the breakfast and lunch school program. The food that is served is cold, the portions are small, and in many cases milk , fruits, and vegetables are expired and decomposed. 70% of more of the food is through to the garbage by the students. Anyway the contractor gets paid. The refrigerator are dirty. Nobody takes care of the maintenance of them. If there is a week o more than a weekend school break, milk, salad and fruits are served after been in a refrigerator with damage door gaskets. For this reason the student through most of the food. It is common that the contractor employees through a lot of apples due to its decomposition. Any way parents get charged for lunch and breakfast.About recreational and sports installations. The soccer fields (like the one in the High School) is closed to the public in Sundays and families have to take their kids to other towns like Weehawken where they can run and play. In some cases fields are rented to other towns. The tennis courts are used for skating and biking and nobody takes care of it. There is not any person in charge in school No. 6 and High School (that are the only public places for families during weekends) and the bathrooms are closed or nobody takes care of them.
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gbarretPosted on May 23, 2016
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