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My Almost Perfect Life In Chicopee, MA

I have lived in Chicopee for over 25 years now. People tend to stay here for long periods of time due to the quality of life. It's actually a larger city than many people realize, but it still maintains that small town feel that Western Massachusetts can offer. Popular events include Polish festivals, air shows, 4th of July celebrations and high school football games. These are all great ways to listen to live music, try unique foods from different vendors and socialize with neighbors. It also never gets too crowded in Chicopee considering the population growth has been around even for close to 30 years. Another big reason I choose to live in Chicopee is Chicopee Memorial State Park. I visit often because I love to be outdoors. I can go swimming or fishing whenever I please. I'm not much of a jogger, but every once in a while I'll put on my running shoes and go for a scenic run. I also take advantage of the picnic area when I visit with my family. There is over 550 acres to explore here so it never gets boring. That also includes two ponds. It's a fisherman's dream come true. When I don't feel like visiting Chicopee Memorial State Park, I go to Chicopee Falls. These are small yet relaxing falls that are a perfect place to visit when you feel like reading a book. Once in a while, I will head down to the Connecticut River. It's beautiful, but it's just a little more difficult to get to because of where I live. I feel badly that I have only visited the war memorials a few times. These veterans defending our country and they deserve a lot more respect. I will be sure to get down there more often.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Feb 16, 2012
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