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Life in Logan Square, Chicago, IL

I have lived in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois for the past 8 years. The neighborhood has changed quite a bit recently, with gentrification becoming more common, bringing with it safety and comfort living as well as increased rents. Logan Square is the place to be now, with restaurants, festivals, bars and beautiful oak-lined walkways adjacent to the "L" train system. One of the best parts of life in Logan Square, Chicago, IL is the vibrant energy provided by an extremely diverse population. Despite the diversity here, the community is intact, alive and present in all walks of life. The majority of the community here is Hispanic, with an increasing Caucasian presence. The safety of the area is better now, as children's laughter and street performer's music is more likely to be heard than gunshots. Living here is pleasant, with a noted absence of gang-bangers despite Logan Square technically being an "inner city" neighborhood. The restaurant scene here is skyrocketing, with no less than 10 new places opening up in the next 2 months. There are a large variety of foods available, including great Mexican, Puerto Rican, Thai and American brewpubs just around the corner. My favorite place is actually called Moustache, a cool-as-ice coffee enthusiasts cafe. It is popular with housewives, hipsters and urban kids as well, making it a community gathering place. The nightlife here is also up-and-coming, with over 10 bars and clubs inhabiting the areas close to the train station. The bars are popular and serve a wide variety of beer, and the clubs are loud, crowded and full of beautiful people having a great time. While the bars and restaurants here are wonderful additions to the neighborhood, the shopping in Logan Square leaves much to be desired. I fully expect more stores to move into the area in a few years. But right now, most of the shopes are expensive, small and filled with second-hand items or more unique cultural clothes not fit for the general public. Another negative aspect of living in Logan Square is the large increases in rent prices every year. My apartment building has gone from charging 700 dollars for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom loft to charging over a thousand dollars, all in the past 5 years. "Luxury" apartments are being built all over, causing traffic congestion and drawing in the very-affluent members of Chicago, all while removing the culture and interest added by diversity.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Sep 24, 2012
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