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A cultural experience worth having.

Cheyenne is a dusty western town in the smallest state in the US. Not only is Cheyenne a cool place to be because it's small uncomplicated and easy to maneuver. This city is close to Ft Collins, CO and Denver, CO if you need that larger city "fix". Cheyenne is in a great state for the out doors. (Ask people from Colorado) LOL Don't expect to find your big city sophistication here. You have to be able to appreciate the small stuff. The train whistle, the small navigable shopping mall, the crisp clean cool air. When I think of Cheyenne I think of Wyoming, they are inseparable. Imagine the State of Wyoming as your playground. The people are great, genuine, sincere and for real.
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Mr. USAPosted on Apr 21, 2011
The Home of the Daddy of them all: Cheyenne, WY

As a lifetime Wyomingite, I have traveled to and spent quite a bit of time in the largest city in the great state of Wyoming, Cheyenne. Cheyenne is the home of the state capital, Cheyenne Frontier Days, Laramie County Community College and F.E. Warren Air Force Base. Along, with these impressive sites Cheyenne is also the home to one of only three malls in the state, a very nice hospital and other medical facilities as well as numerous places to dine. The people of Cheyenne are extremely welcoming and host numerous high school and college events including; Wyoming State FFA Convention. Yet, their pride and joy is the Daddy of the All: Cheyenne Frontier Days. The whole community comes out in force to volunteer at and attend the numerous rodeo performances and night shows at Frontier Days. I truly have enjoyed the city of Cheyenne every time I have visited, whether it was for a rodeo, high school activity, Cheyenne Frontier Days or simply for an afternoon of shopping. While, Cheyenne does not have the same world class dining and shopping as Denver, it instead a very welcoming hometown feel.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 25, 2010
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