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very good community,dining,attractions and so much outdoor activities .Alot of places to Rock climb,mountain bike, trail run,hang glide,kayak ,fish, hunt you name it chattanooga has it all (except snow skiing) for the outdoors.Good restaurants ,beer houses, wineries,good festivals and a arts.Diversity is improving a lot .folks are friendly,but keep in mind if your moving here from other parts of the country that southerners can be passive aggressive..Chattanooga is mostly conservative but we do have a growing progressive community.Schools here compared to other cities are average to below average.There are opportunities to get out and meet people whether its volunteering,outdoor,festivals meet up groups.Cons of living here are the weather, we got 70 inches of rain last year and average around 55 60 in a year.Hot, humid 5 months a year add the rainy and hot humid days that does not allow much time to get out and enjoy all the outdoor activities we have.Crime, we do have a lot of overall crime in certain areas.I do agree with area vibes grades on amenities,cost of living,housing, employment.But on weather i would give it a c- and education a c
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willthethrillPosted on Jul 16, 2016
Really nice place to take your kids

We were on our way to Knoxville but we stop in Chattanooga to spend one night and it was completely worth it. My kids love it. There are so many things to do with your kids. The children museum was the best. We are planning to return may be the next year or if we have time and money this year. Thanks and enjoy Chattanooga!! cheers
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LuiyoPosted on Sep 29, 2011
Chattanooga, TN - Bring the Kids!

Last spring, my husband and I took our two year old twins to spend the day in Chattanooga, TN. We had a blast! There are many things to do and various attractions to see throughout the city to entertain your children. The downtown Chattanooga Aquarium was our favorite! We spent hours there touring the aquarium as well as the outside surroundings. The people in Chattanooga are as friendly as people in the South and it is an easy city to travel about. Our family stopped to ask for directions on multiple occasions in Chattanooga and the locals were always willing to help. We were concerned with traffic with there being so many things in the downtown area to do. However, we had no issues. If you and your family are looking for a summer getaway or a short weekend trip I would strongly encourage visiting Chattanooga, TN as you will not be disappointed.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 06, 2010
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