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Potentially moving to Chattanooga We currently live in Austin, Texas, but are considering moving to Chattanooga. We have been to Chattanooga several times and enjoy its proximity to awesome lakes, rivers and mountains. We enjoy the aquarium and the vibe of the city and what it provides for its citizens. However, coming from Austin, which is very liberal and progressive when it comes to diversity and equality, we are concerned about moving to a city in the middle of the bible belt. We are not religious people and want our son to grow up to be an open-minded, tolerant person. I have read in some forums that the folks of Chattanooga tend to be somewhat intolerant and narrow-minded. Not knowing anyone who lives there, I would like to get an opinion on what the people of Chattanooga are really like. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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TornPosted on Jan 06, 2015


Hello to all! Did any of you move to Chattanooga from Austin? My family and I are really considering relocating. The housing market here in Austin has just gotten ridiculous. Along with that, we want to be able to really enjoy being outside during the Summer instead of getting 3rd degree burns from the monkey bars!
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lorielisePosted on Apr 28, 2016
Torn and Mr Austin, Did you guys make the move? I am in the exact same boat as you...please let me know what you know. Thank you!!
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Chicago to ChattPosted on Jan 16, 2016
Hi Torn, Although I unfortunately cannot provide the information you're looking for, I am facing a possible relocation for work to Chattanooga from, that's right, Austin, Texas, as well. Have you made the move? If so, some insight would be GREATLY, GREATLY, appreciated! I'd literally pay for your time to here about your experience, if you've made the move since your post :)
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Mr.AustinPosted on Sep 23, 2015
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