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Great for Foodees!

There is no better place to live in the triangle. Honestly. The school system is second to none, the food culture is outstanding, there is a ton of stuff to do, and the people are mostly accepting of all races, ethnicities, and the LGBT! If you're into sports, UNC has some of the best teams in the nation and one of the most talked about rivalries with Duke University only six miles away in Durham. A lot of people say it's too expensive, but there are plenty of options for renters and owners of all income levels. Don't get me started about MUSIC...there is too much good stuff in Chapel Hill to write about on here, TOO MUCH!
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jtdemollPosted on Feb 02, 2015
Living The Life In Chapel Hill, NC

When I lived in Chapel Hill I found that there was quite a bit to do and that it was a pretty nice area to live in. I would recommend it to everybody for a few reasons. One of the reasons I would recommend it is because of all the attractions there are to do. Most of the attractions are historical attractions, geared toward the older crowd. They are very interesting for most people though. There are also quite a bit of sports related activities. This is one of the places that had almost any sports event that I could possibly want to put my kids in. I thought stock car racing was one of the more uncommon ones but also one of the best! When it comes to shopping there are your basic shopping needs. They had a few unique stores but nothing that really stood out. Don't get me wrong, there is a store for anything you could need, it's just nothing close to Manhattan shopping. The community was always very nice and caring. There are a lot of rural areas around and everybody respects everybody else's land. There is quite a bit of nightlife also. There are mainly a lot of little bars, but also some very nice clubs. I never had a problem finding nightlife while living here. The dining out options were amazing. They had almost any type of food you could possible want right there in Chapel Hill. I mean they had Greek, French, Irish, Mexican, and anything else you could think of. I loved going out to eat every weekend just to try new cultures of food. Overall, I really did enjoy Chapel Hill. Of course every place has its ups and downs, but this place is very quiet. At the same time it has plenty to do for everybody. So next time you are around the area make sure to stop in, at least to get a quick bite!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jun 26, 2012
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