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Just relocated to Cedar Crest as a San Diego native by way of 12 HORRIBLE SWELTERING MISERABLE yrs in Dallas, TX. Do business in NM with Indian art and have wanted to live here since CA days. Cedar Crest is only 10 miles from Albuquerque hospitals, killer restaurants, and entertainment, yet sits nestled in the Sandia Mountains, remote yet accessible. I wish I could bottle the scents that greet us each morning. Never hotter than 90, a good 10 degrees cooler than Alb, and always a breeze. Small community, but there are two well run modern gyms within a few miles, and good eats, and a very nice large grocery store. It is gorgeous here, just watch out on weekends for all the people who come up from the flatlands to ride bikes or to camp or picnic or hike the 10,500' peak which sits 10 minutes up from here. We have no landscaping obligations, just let nature take its course with Pines, Pinons, Cedar, native grasses and flowers. Live where the roads are paved and winters are easy. We are retired but have met people who easily commute to Alb...AND THERE IS NO RUSH HR TRAFFIC!!! EVER!!!! Not a whole bunch here for kids altho there is a brand new large community center with plenty of programs and stuff for 5-18 year olds. All glass so it faces mountains 360 degree view.
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nasellerPosted on Jul 21, 2014
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