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Nice place but still Utah

I've lived here for about 12 years now, went to high school and college here. It's home to Southern Utah University and at first glance it's sort of a college town but once you get out of downtown, which is really only a couple square miles, it is really just a rural, ranching, Mormon town. There is a church on practically every corner and the majority of the population is LDS and the small population who isn't is either non-practicing, here for college, or a random person like myself. It's great if you have want to raise a family and you happen to be LDS otherwise it's hard to make it here. It's very cliquish but it has gotten a little better the last few years. They are building a LDS temple here which will open this summer and will only increase the already predominate culture. A few amenities have opened lately like Ross, TJ maxx, and a Sportmans warehouse. There is the usual string of fast food places, Chili's, Applebee's, and a few local places. But for shopping and dining your better off going to St. George about 30 minutes south. The weather here gets cold and there is a ski resort about 35 minutes away but it is nice since St. George has low desert climate so you can warm up for the day. Jobs are hard to get here and even so the pay is often not very good. Getting a good job has a lot to do with who you are in this town and which church ward you go to. There are a couple of festivals here in the summer, like Shakespeare and the Summer games which brings some tourism. There are National Parks like Zion, Bryce, Arches, Grand Staircase not too far away which also bring tourists. Overall the scenery here is beautiful, the university is decent and you still have decent town; but people can be rude if you don't fit in (your not Mormon), housing can be difficult to find, jobs are hard to find and wages are far from decent.
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RheaPosted on Jun 15, 2017
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