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Unless you're single, avoid Casper!

Personally, if I ever get free of Casper, I will never come back! As a 15 yr resident, I wouldn't recommend Casper, especially for families. While there are many different education opportunities, the school system is so large, that children, especially those who are struggling, tend to fall through the cracks. Job opportunities do abound, in every level, from entry to CEO. There are a number of museums, and art galleries, many parks and recreational areas. Unfortunately, most activities are geared toward younger people. If you're older, or have very young children, there is not a lot available, for you. A big plus, for everyone, would be the river walk and its connection to Morad Park, the local dog park. The weather, especially when you consider high wind, leaves a LOT to be desired. Housing costs are astronomical, as is the cost of living. But, by far, the biggest negative to living in Casper, is the crime, and the corruption of the local police departments. As the wife of a retired LEO, I am very familiar with what happens, in the shadow areas, of Casper. If I had it to do over, I would never have moved here...and the first opportunity I get to leave Casper, you can bet I will take it! Casper is the one black mark, against Wyoming. The rest of the state is absolutely awesome!
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ladynra1Posted on May 23, 2016
Casper, Wyoming - Mountains, Meth & The Cowboy Mentality

My cousin has lived in Casper, Wyoming for most of her adult life. Since we are very close I have visited many, many times and have a good feel for the area. I have a unique prospective, as I have access to the city as both a visitor and an insider. As a visitor, the first thing I will tell you is that the views are beautiful, at least from the perspective of an out-of-stater. While there are more spectacular mountains in other parts of Wyoming, Casper Mountain is quite scenic. The city was named after the old Fort Caspar, which is now a nearby tourist attraction. The town lives up to Wyoming's unofficial slogan, "Forever West", with bona fide cowboys and cattle ranches throughout town. Talk candidly to any local and two things are likely to be mentioned: the wind and the meth situation. Casper is one windy city! While it's not quite as bad as nearby Cody, the wind is definitely worth mentioning as it blows over 40mph several times a week. Meth is quite a problem in Casper. While recently the Meth Watch Program and the Meth and Substance Abuse Conferences have helped somewhat to alleviate the situation, Casper is still considered the methamphetamine capital of Wyoming by some of its residents. There is plenty of employment to be had in Casper. Education here is above average and the schools are excellent; Dick Cheney was a graduate of Natrona County High School which is located in Casper. Housing, however, is expensive and until recently was hard to come by. Like most of the country, the economy has changed that somewhat, but it's still not the easiest place to find affordable and acceptable housing. Overall, I enjoy visiting Casper and travel there as often as I can. I highly suggest grabbing breakfast at Eggington's Restaurant on East 2nd Street if you get the chance, as the food is stellar (the French Toast is addictive, it's the best I have eaten anywhere in the country).
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 24, 2012
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