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Camilla is a city for retired people

A very small town, population estimated at about 6,000. Quiet place very little opportunity for careers. Low income, a lot of government housings. Nothing to do for recreation except fishing, and hunting. The cost of living is above average for low income families. Only festivals are Fourth of July fire works, and gnat day where they celebrate gnats. The only amenities are 26 miles away in the north direction, 33 miles away in the south direction, and 26 miles away in the east direction. There is nothing close in the west direction. There is one industry in the city and it is a poultry plant, where they process chickens. I suggest that if you have nothing to do and like doing nothing Camilla is a great place to live. Oh! petty crime, serious crimes take place maybe every five (5) to Ten (10) years. Another plus is, if you like the beaches Florida is very close.
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tightblackPosted on Jul 13, 2015
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