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Not what it seems

During the summer I traveled to Brooklyn to stay with a family member. After a couple of weeks, I was dying to get out. Now, I have lived in plenty of small rural towns, but none were like this. The appearance of the town is typical of a small community, but it is not what it seems. While in my stay I tried to find some sort of diversion in the town and found none. The people there were friendly enough, sometimes offering to help. But what really surprised me was the shady side to it. During my stay, someone stole my car batter and tore several important wires in the engine. My younger brother was harassed by the local children and even some teenagers. I'm no safety nut, but I'm pretty sure that speed signs are there for a reason. Many did not follow them and I was concerned for the safety of my siblings. I was honestly at ill ease when going out to walk my dog. This town may have it's virtues, but I saw few. This town is just not for me.
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garnetof2013Posted on Nov 05, 2013
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