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Brockton, MA - A Safe Bet

During my time in Brockton, I really enjoyed the time I spent at the Falmouth Ice Arena. It seems to be the most popular thing to do in the city because it was crowded. The crowds did not interfere with my skating because, the ice rink I was skating in was huge. There is public skating, figure skating, and professional and youth hockey. I also liked that there are free trainers there to help the new amateur skaters. The only downside is that other than a few museums and movie theaters there is not much else to do in Brockton. The neighborhood communities in Brockton are very safe, but could use some basic maintenance. The yards are not well kept, and there is noticeable litter in the parks. The crime rates in Brockton are extremely low, so that might help even things out. I was sadly not pleased with the restaurants that I dined at. Alamo Cafe was said to be one of the top restaurants in Brockton, but the food had no flavor. I did like the Bagels at the Back Bay Bagel Company. The clubs I visited were nice. I had really good mixed drinks at Nfufzion on Montello Avenue. Chris's Dance Club had great music but the drinks seemed a little watered down for my liking. Westgate Mall is the only real shopping in the city of Brockton and there are nice stores. There is nothing spectacular about the mall and there are very few new age clothing stores.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 06, 2010
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