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Love it here but the local government is full of corruption and make s conduct.

Awesome place to visit or live but you can not trust the local government on any level. Even though its a medium small size town the police kill or murder others and get completely away with it just like any big city. Be careful have fun.
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TruthPosted on May 11, 2016
Boulder, CO - It's More Than Just a Rock

I manage to get to Boulder, CO about twice a year with work. I have enjoyed every stay I have ever had there. It's hard not to, as the city is absolutely beautiful. The city of Boulder, CO is just one of those places that is so entertwined with the natural surroundings. The buildings all reflect the beauty of the mountains in the colors and designs that are predominant. Even the homes in the area just seem to really fit. Considering the large size of Boulder, it's pretty easy to get around. The roads are clearly marked and traffic is relatively light. Considering that it's a college town, you don't see many "crazy teenagers" on the roads. Boulder, CO seems to be a very health conscious city. There are bicycle lanes along many roads, and they are in constant use. It's nothing to see several bicyclists in all their safety gear riding beside traffic that in turn takes care to keep them safe. I also noticed that many of the restaurants I dined in offered healthy items on their menus. Every hotel I have ever stayed in during my stays in Boulder has been clean and comfortable. The various restaurants are very good with a wide selection of cuisine, and the people are wonderfully friendly.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 06, 2010
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