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A weird spot

Hi,My name is marvinsThis place has stuff that is cool. Mainly, the night life is bitchin. Like, I mean - I party at my neighbors on the welfare systemm at least four times a week in there trailer park. So, I shop. I really like the locale garaje sales that our cool blocks have. This one time I found a couple neat sticks and an old VHS system in someone's backyard, P.S. - it wasn't really for sale. So on to crime, I didn't do it. Our houses are two storys and we like to shop at walmart. Ummm, lets see, do you like subs? I do. Theirs this one freakin radical playground that i spend a lot of time at. I just like to watch people live they're luves. This one time, I broke my knee. I don't have knees no more. Ahhh, DO YOU HAVE AN EBAY ACCOUNT? I is looking for new shoes. That right, very crispy kicks. Crispppppp. Okay bye bye.
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gerbelsmavenPosted on Oct 21, 2016
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