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Bethlehem, PA - A Casino in Bethleham?

Last year my wife and I travelled to eastern Pennsylvania. We spent over a week in the area and a lot of time in Bethlehem. The city is located just east of Allentown and is at the southern end of the Pocono mountains. The whole area is beautiful. There are trees everywhere. Bethlehem is a small city with the feel of a mountain town. There is any type of store or entertainment available that you would find in a large city including a large casino. Ya, that's right, a casino in Bethlehem!!! The downtown Bethlehem area has a colonial feel with very old buildings and brick intersections of the streets that add to the beauty and small town feel. Bethlehem looks and feels like it is designed for tourists. The restaurants were reasonably priced with great food. The hotels seemed to cater to tourists and had good rooms with reasonable rates. Everyone we talked to was friendly, helpful and seemed genuinely glad we were there. There is a lot to see including some beautiful buildings at the university and a great bridge crossing the LeHigh river. If you visit Bethlehem be prepared to take a thousand pictures!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 03, 2010
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