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Genuine and Authentic People!

In my opinion rural North Country living (such as Berlin) offers the best quality of life and balance found anywhere. Berlin is home to some of the most genuine and authentic people I have been privileged to meet. Neighbors can count on neighbors and there are many opportunities to positively impact the community in which you live. The crime rate is below the US average and the only traffic jam you may have is a family of turkeys crossing the road. With the Mahoosuc Range to the east, Jericho Lake State Park to the west and the White Mountains all around us the outdoor opportunities are endless. There are 7 downhill ski resorts within an hour's drive and the Appalachian Trails in only 20 minutes away. Popular culture and metropolitan areas are just a short car ride from our doorstep. I grew up in Southern NH and have been moving farther and farther North. While I enjoy the exciting, colorful city life, I like to be able to kick back in my lawn chair and enjoy fresh air, peace and quiet and a beautiful view. I enjoy being able to hop on my horse and go for a ride right down the street. I like to know that when my horses manage to escape, my neighbors will corral them up and keep them safe until I can get there. That is why I live in the North Country!
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BonnieHPosted on Feb 03, 2017
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