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Bel Air Is Kind of hard to describe

Bel Air Crime:Most Heroine overdoses in Harford County and considered to be closely as bad as BaltimoresTheir are some messed up Pedophiles normally in the Bad AreasDrugs and Drug Dealers are commonNot really much gang activity ither Ryazan drugsBurglarys and some assaults in Bad AreasTheir are some times carjackingsTheirs been some murders every once in a whileTheir has been some shootouts this yearAnd there has been some robberiesCost of LivingIf you live in a good area it's mainly middle and upper middle classIf you live in a bad area it's mainly lower middle class and their is some povertyTheir are also some homeless people tooSchoolsSchools are decent their are some drug problems and a lot of the kids are mainly average of smart in school but schools are crowded the hcps has been falling a little bit and the graduation and college rates are going a bit down too but other than that it's mainly good.PeopleA lot of people in Bel Air Are nice but theirs also a lot of jerksTown in generalCrime and drugs seem to be getting worseCost of living is mehSchools are still somewhat decentPeople are mehTheir are some messed up peopleIn a lot of ways it seems like it's getting a bit worseOverall I give this town a 4.5/10
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HMCPosted on Aug 07, 2016
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