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Becoming more of a busy body area

I have lived in MD my entire life (25 years). First, in northern Harford county, and now, Bel Air South. Bel Air is becoming more heavily populated, and thus comes heavy traffic. A weird, city-like bridge-type overpass was added (took almost 1-2 years I believe) to relieve some traffic coming from 24 south, to the 95 exit. It is still pretty bad (traffic wise) in the afternoons, or coming from any of the shopping areas. There are a few main parts of Bel Air. The mall (typical small mall, 1 level), main street (old bel air, restaurants, little shops, 4 bars), and Abingdon (wegmans, new stores, restaurants). . . Plenty of shopping areas nearby. Plenty of mainstream, chain restaurants; not many local spots. Great schools in Harford county. Crime is not usually violent in Bel air, however, Edgewood, not far up the road (about 5-10 mins), is pretty much becoming mini Baltimore. The weather is cold and wet (some snow) in the winter (like low 30's-40's), wet and rainy with some nice days in the spring, humid and hot in the summer, and typical fall like temps. There are 2 parks in the area for biking and walking. Ma&Pa-mostly paved and some boardwalk- 3 separate parts, (hoping to connect the trails in the future to make it continuous 7 miles), and LSHG in cecil/harford counties 2.5 miles of rail trail (eventually will be 50 mi). I am personally looking to move someplace closer to a beach, with warmer weather throughout the entire year (above 50 avg all year long!), less cost of living, and with more parks nearby. Hopefully this helped anyone that reads... ***Also, don't say I didn't warn you about the crappy traffic coming to and from the city (on 95, 695, and 83) if you plan to work anywhere south.
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jnelson1032Posted on May 29, 2013
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