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Beachwood is a beautiful place to live

I moved here just under 2 years ago from up north and I do not regret my decision at all. Beachwood is a small very close knit town with that beach town feel. I am minutes from the beach and seconds from the bay. The town is very safe and I feel very safe here.. neighbors still leave there doors open and welcome you. Some home are older some are newer but most built in the 70's ,lots of newer homes are being built monthly,, There were some foreclosures and still are because the just like any town USA people lost their homes ,, but those home are being purchased at a quick rate and discounted price.. Beachwood elementary is an excellent school. and the ton also has its own beach. Beachwood is known as the pearl of Ocean County,, and it truly is a Hidden Gem . Beachwood will eventually start to experience the market boom on homes because the secret is now out about the town. If you are looking for a quiet town conveniently located 5 minutes from anything and everything you could ever want and for the commuter you are literally 5 minutes to the parkway which was a game changer for me. So take a peek at beachwood , and maybe you might find your fixer upper or special deal or the perfect home for you and your family.. I love it Gerard Ciandella
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Shore boyPosted on Oct 29, 2015
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