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Good Place to raise a family

I have lived in Avon for about 5 years. I grew up in Central Ohio and have lived in Northwestern Ohio, Northeastern Ohio and Eastern Pennsylvania. If you have a family, Avon is a pretty nice place to live. The schools are very good and the crime rate is low. It has a decent variety of activities for kids. It is about half an hour drive to downtown Cleveland and about 35 minutes to Sandusky which has Cedar Point, Kalahari, etc. There are several nice restaurants in town and prices vary. Shopping is not spectacular, but in my opinion shopping in the Cleveland area as a whole is not spectacular. You have your Target, SuperWalmart, Costco and the like. For the most part people are friendly and welcoming. Unfortunately its pretty car dependent because of lack of sidewalks in a lot of areas of the city, but they are working to improve that. I would not live in Avon if I did not have school age children because you will pay a higher price for your home because of the good schools. You can find similar homes in neighboring cities with lesser rated schools districts for about $50k less. But it is still more affordable than the western Cuyahoga County suburbs.
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shellbell89Posted on Jul 26, 2013
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