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BUYER BEWARE: Nice to drive through or see, but terrible place to live

I have owned a house in Audubon Park since 1995. The city has a police department and a city council that abuses its power and applies its ordinances and rules in a subjective manner. The police department are not professional public servants sworn to uphold the law, they are unpaid bullies that act unprofessionally towards our visitors. Dave Stengel the commonwealth attorney for Louisville Metro was made aware of this abuse of power and indicated that his family has also suffered the same treatment while living in Audubon Park. His family also left the park. I still own my house, but I would never return there to live. I have the money to buy more houses, but there is not enough money to get rid of these unprofessionals on the police department or city council or to convince me to ever live there again. BUYER BEWARE!
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suzettesewellPosted on Nov 17, 2012
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