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I recently went to the city of Attleboro and parked legally. When I went back to my vehicle I was surprised to find a parking ticket. I got a parking ticket for a none parking violation. Even though my out of state vehicle is not in violation of my home state law, it was in violation of the City of Attleboro ordinance. I decided I wanted a hearing and on the back of the ticket it gives a web site address to request a hearing. But guess what? It does not work to request a hearing as stated on the ticket, only to pay the parking ticket. I requested a hearing in writing as the second alternative and then they send me a form to fill out and stated that I only had 21 days from the original violation to return it. But I already requested the hearing as required by the parking ticket. Then when I get to the hearing and the two people representing the City of Attleboro really did not care what I had to say, I was in violation of the City of Attleboro parking laws and even though the ticket says you can request a hearing online and you can't they could care less. So the bottom line is even if your vehicle is in compliance with your state laws, it might not be in compliance with the City of Attleboro parking laws. So for $15 how far are you going to fight it. As far as I am concern it is just a big rip off to raise money for the City of Attleboro
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RGYoungPosted on Jul 18, 2012
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