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Aspen Hill, MD - A Beautiful Community

A beautiful community located in Montgomery County that earned its namesake from the trees which were abundantly found there, Aspen Hill is the quintessential family community. Born and raised in a big city, on my first visit to Aspen Hill over 9 years ago I decided to stay and have been happy here ever since. The scenery, filled with foliage which is just not found in the midwest, drew me in and the overwhelming sense of being welcome has kept me here. Whether driving to work or the market, or just relaxing on the porch at home, the peaceful nature of Aspen Hill provides all who live here or stop through with a feeling of profound serenity. A population of around 50,000 gives Aspen Hill a quaint yet modern feel. Plenty of schooling options for all ages include the post-graduate institutions of Howard University and the University of Maryland-College Park. A diverse community covering all genres only add to the qualities which make this city the home I choose above all others. Within as few as 4 miles to the nearest Amtrak station there is nothing a person could ask for which Aspen Hill lacks. Rivers and creeks are found here. Parks suitable for family outings are readily available. For those with desire to do a bit of shopping there are a minimum of 3 shopping centers, with the Layhill Shopping Center being my center of choice. If the desire for a bit more arises, the city of Washington D.C. is only a short 12.5 mile drive away, ensuring that the ability to entertain my out-of-town guests who may want more is well within the realm of the possible. All in all, there's not a thing I would change about Aspen Hill, and I heartily encourage all who seek a change of pace to consider Aspen Hill.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 24, 2012
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