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The Attractions of Ashburn, VA

2 years ago I lived in Ashburn Virginia. Despite loving it there I had to move for a job relocation. Ashburn was my favorite place to live not just because of the aesthetic beauty but because of the community and the happiness of living there. Ashburn was my favorite place to live but I cannot lie, there are some downsides to living in Ashburn, VA. One upside to living in Ashburn was that most things were close of within walking distance. The school my kids went to was a half a mile away. Every morning I would walk them to school before getting my delicious cup of coffee and croissant from the local bakery. Within a mile of each other, there were parks, places to shop, coffee shops, and grocery stores. I loved that community so much As a mother I am pleased to say that crime rate in Ashburn is almost nonexistent. As a resident, I have never been or known anyone to be a victim in even the smallest of crimes such as vandalism. I am also pleased to say that were I live, it is very affluent. The unemployment rate is only about 3 percent which compares to the national rate of about 6 percent. The downside to living in Ashburn was the weather. I am not a winter lover nor will I ever be, and Ashburn to my dismay received some of the cold weather. We have gotten snow, though it was not a blizzard, it was more than I might of liked. Starting in about October, you will notice the seasonal change into Fall, that by January will turn into a blistering cold. The winter will not subside until about mid March. After March the weather is beautiful and around mid May, shorts are back in season.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jun 12, 2015
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