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Antioch, CA - Home To Abandoned Mines and Commuters

Named after the city in Syria, Antioch is situated in the Bay Area of California. Once a popular mining area for coal and copper, this California city has a rich history. Hiking is allowed in the nearby East Bay Regional Park, where the mines once were. All of the mines have been closed down, but there are still a few remnants of days gone by in the city. After the fall of the mining businesses, Antioch never picked up any new booming revenue sources. Mostly a residential area, Antioch real estate prices are affordable for any income, making it a popular place to live for commuters. You can reach the cities of Sacramento and San Jose in about 75 minutes and San Francisco in about 60 minutes. There are good jobs are to be found in the city itself, but since most of the population work in other areas, Antioch is fairly quiet for most of the day. Visitors will not find many major attractions in Antioch in addition to hiking trails. Prewett Water Park is a fun aquatic park for kids and families, but that is the extent of exciting entertainment in Antioch. The city is not without great dining, though. For fair prices visitors will enjoy Carpaccio Ristorante, offering a variety of high quality cuisine.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 06, 2010
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