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Annandale, VA - Slow Paced Atmosphere

Annandale, Virginia is a medium sized city located in the northern most top of the state. I moved to Annandale for a job about five years ago and have enjoyed the slow paced atmosphere, the warm weather and its proximity to a large city. One of the most attractive qualities of Annandale Virginia is its temperate and mild climate. Although seeing snow once in a while is not uncommon, it quickly melts to make the slush that most northern states do not see until end of March or April. The Springs are some of the most beautiful in the entire country. With cherry and apple blossoms drowning the whole city in their magical sent and colors. Although summers can be very humid and hot, many Annandale inhabitants retreat to the mountains or to the ocean. Both places provide a cool breeze, beautiful scenery and lots of outdoors activities. Washington DC is at most twenty five minutes away from Annandale. Even at the worst traffic hours, the drive is still pleasant and interesting. Washington DC is also one of the most interesting cities in the country being spotted with history and art museums, parks, and hosting a great nightlife for the younger crowd. Being close to the big city also makes living an Annandale Virginia a very convenient situation. Many of the stores and shops that may be scarce in other parts of the state are readily available in Annandale. If they are not, then they will most certainly be found in Washington DC. Annandale is also home to some of the best school districts in the state. Many parents move from other cities to have their children educated in Annandale and exposed to the educational resources that Washington DC provides. Schools often take children to the capitol to become better exposed to the realities of the history of the United States.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Feb 16, 2012
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