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Beauty in 360 degrees

I decided to get out of the suburbs. Salem Oregon was not for me, no offense it works well for many but I knew the country had been calling for years. Amity is honestly still a mystery to me. I can say that after looking around for some time, I could find nothing to compare with the charming intrigue this small town has to offer. The few people I met, and I dont think that many folks live there (thank god) were all very nice. I found a nice home on a few acres and will be moving this summer. The area has vinyards and rolling hills. Christmas tree farms and even miniature Donkeys. It is a marvel for the eyes. I am excited to get to know this small town better, and will report back, but for now it gets an A+ from our family. Brian Leupold www.3dminds.com
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Leupold ScopesPosted on Mar 11, 2012
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