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My Time In Altadena, CA

I have lived in Altadena CA City for several years. I grew up in Sacramento, CA and then moved to Altadena. Altadena is so near Los Angeles that everything Los Angeles has to offer is available to residents of Altadena. My home was in Altadena, where I went after work to sleep. In contrast, I felt like I was really living in Los Angeles, where I worked and spent most of my leisure. Los Angeles has the finest museums and art galleries. Los Angeles is a world center for art. Shopping cannot be surpassed. The finest clothes designers are located in Los Angeles and their clothes are sold in Los Angeles stores. Shopping is spectacular. World class restaurants with the finest chefs are located in Los Angeles. I really love Angeles National Forest, a specifically Mr. Wilson. This is where I go to exercise my body and rest my mind. The flora is special and the views are stunning. I can walk for hours watching the sun glow and disappear over the mountains. What I do not like about Altadena is similar to what I do not like about Los Angeles. It is a nightmare of traffics jams. Before I get into the car, I have to evaluate what the traffic situation is going to be. There are times that I resist driving to a place where I want to go because I know that I will be sitting in traffic for a very long time. Sitting in traffic is very unappealing. Another disadvantage of living in the Los Angeles area is the price of housing. Homes are very expensive and not very appealing. In other areas of the country, it is possible to find beautiful homes at a fraction of the price of the homes in Altadena.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jun 12, 2015
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