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Town nice,but Im saying what alot must be thinking but wont say theirselfs

Minimal jobs,Co-op,small postoffice,and Town of Aline(PWA).The PWA employs the same 2 people its had for years,a husband and wife who live in the community.What puts a shadow(in our opinion),on the town is this----These same 2 people are very very very wealthy,if not The Wealthiest people in town.They DONT NEED to work, They DONT NEED THE $$$$$$,yet they take 2 of the few and only jobs in town.I can only guess as to why,they like control?,want to be big shots,?I dont know,I guess you can ask them.There are several very low income individuals,and family's living in town that are very poor to poverty level,who NEED a job,and most of them dont even have a car to even drive out of town to work.And so many need numerous types of help,and most turn there head and ignore this,or think they live the way they do because they are lazy,have too many children,or whatever.Even if some of this holds weight and is true,so what?,it doesnt matterThey are still human beings,and blaming them for the way thieir lives are,does not make them non-exist,or go away.In Gods eyes they are just as important and loved like the rich who take away 2 of the very very few jobs in town,which by the way is probly minumum or close to minimun wage.Atleast I hope that the pay is somewhere around that,as if its not,then I am actually,we all are guilty because we tolerate it.I have no envy,or problem with the rich,im glad for them,However....I do have a problem with the rich who take from the poor,,,,
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angela blackPosted on Apr 13, 2018
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