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This is a terrible place to live do not move here

Alexandria is as bad as Oakland California. The only difference is that they have made it legal to steal here. If you are not white and have a lot of money you are targeted by the police who ticket and tie vehicles faster than they can be parked. The dmv is difficult to deal with at the best. DO NOT move here. They steal faster than you can make money and again they make it legal. Everyone is in on the take including apartment managers who don't issue parking permits so you can be towed. Liars and thieves run this town. The police are so bored they troll the streets handing out parking tickets and towing vehicles. Again liars and cheats run this town. Do not move here.
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CdwPosted on Jul 24, 2015
Avoid hourly street parking in Alexandria

Avoid parking in Alexandria in the hourly, non-meter spots at all costs!! The parking enforcement people give out bogus $40 parking tickets even though you have parked less than the hours on the sign. They know that if you try to contest it based on your word, they will make you go through a rediculous hearing process for additional $10 fee which you will not win. Then you can appeal their decision and go to court, which if found guilty you will have to pay court costs and more admin fees.. not to mention the time it takes to go through the "pre-hearing" and then the court date itself. So if you park in Alexandria, be sure to find a garage or meter. I am going to avoid going back to old town alexandria for any reason now after learning how disguisting their parking enforecement "TAX" department is.. what kind of city gouges its visitors so badly.. so much worse than DC even!
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gpgesslerPosted on Mar 12, 2013
Alexandria, VA - Wine, Dine & Out on the Town!

I currently live about thirty minutes outside of Alexandria, VA and I would have to say that it is a fantastic place to visit. I find myself spending more time in Alexandria than I do at home because of the wide array of shopping, entertainment, attractions, restaurants and bustling nightlife! Alexandria is on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. and has all the hustle & bustle including the outstanding nightlife just like Washington however you will also find a wonderful; almost small-town environment that Washington can not offer! I was very surprised when I first visited Alexandria with its green parks, small streets with houses on each side and some gorgeous white picket fences! This should not fool you, downtown Alexandria features some great historical places to visit; one of the best is the "Friendship Firehouse" which makes a great family stop! If your more interested in shopping you will delighted to visit the Landmark Mall. One of my favorite entertainment stops was the Cinemark movie theater located right in the heart of "downtown" Alexandria which is a gorgeous two story movie theater; I was impressed by the large escalators which bring you to the second level. If your looking for some quality Nightlife be sure to visit 930 Night Club. Don't let the name fool you, the party gets started much later than 9:30 PM but it may very well go until 9:30 the next morning! Alexandria is a great city with an outstanding night life and equally great restaurants, bars and dining!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 31, 2010
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