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Conservative American town

Akron is a tiny town not far from Lancaster, PA. I am not native to this area or the state even, but I have been living her almost 9 years. The area is quaint, conservative, and lacking diversity in all senses of the word. Many people from the area have always lived here, and probably half have never even gone beyond the surrounding states, let alone even left the state in some cases. The Amish are prominent here, so getting stuck behind a buggy is a regular inconvenience. The smell of cow poop is present year-round and worse in the evenings. It doesn't matter if you live near a farm or not. If you like American food, this place is great, but if you want anything else, you will have to search hard. I have to drive 45 minutes to outside Harrisburg for Korean. All the good sushi places have moved out of the area. I haven't even found a good Mexican place. On the plus side, the outlets in the area allow for a lot of variety in shopping. The culture here is very Dutch-German though, so it is bland, which can often include the clothing options. The access to fresh fruits and vegetables is really good, with tons of farmers' markets and road-side stands everywhere. Apartments are built with paper-thin walls/floors/ceilings, so hearing neighbors is normal. There are lots of big houses, but most are filled with small rooms. Summers are hot and humid, with peak times being in the 90s with around 65% humidity. Winters are mild on average, with only an inch or two of snow falling during a "storm". Ice is the bigger problem in the winter. Drivers around here are really awful though; they drive 5-10 miles under the speed limt, often don't signal until the last minute despite having braked for 500 feet, and they have the worst time parking in a marked space. The roads are horrible, and they tend to only patch roads that are falling apart. The bridges are even worse. There is no nightlife; unless you want to hang out at a bar, there's nothing to do after 8pm around here. I've only lived here this long because my family lives in the surrounding states.
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FoodsPosted on Aug 01, 2015
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