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Are there areas in Wenatchee that are safer than others? Are there areas in Wenatchee that are safer than others? Is crime a big deal? Is there an abundance of sunshine?
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OuldphartPosted on Oct 01, 2014


Safety: Yes and no. I think Wenatchee as a whole is pretty safe, but it does have pockets where more crimes are committed. South Wenatchee has a bad reputation (especially around Methow street). Some people think my neighborhood might not be safe (Nob Hill 1st street), but I find it rather charming. If you want the safest area and have money, live in Sunnyslope.Crime: I don't think it's a big deal, unless you are used to absolutely perfect suburban life. Avoid the few bad neighborhoods.Sunshine: I grew up in the Seattle area, so it's very sunny to me, but probably not to Arizona or Colorado folks. The sun is out from February to November pretty consistently with very little rain. December and January can have terrible inversion weeks where the clouds sit very low on the valley and it drives a lot of people nuts. To remedy that problem I suggest a very affordable season's pass at the ski resort. Often times you are above the clouds.
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escapedfromseattlePosted on Feb 18, 2016
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