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Tacoma Community College is a Public school located in Tacoma, WA. Tacoma Community College has a total enrollment of 7,202 with a graduation rate of 25% and a student/faculty ratio of 18:1.

If SAT (scholastic aptitude test) scores are required for admission to this school, both the SAT range and the national SAT averages will be displayed above. The SAT range is a reflection of the range of SAT scores that are generally (but not always) required to attend the school. The national SAT average distribution graph shows the average SAT scores for every school in the country. The Tacoma Community College SAT range (if available) is highlighted in blue to give students a general idea of what their SAT scores would need to be to attend Tacoma Community College.

School information

School typeDegree granting, not primarily baccalaureate or above
Institutional categoryPublic
Avg. price for students receiving grants$6,249
Avg. price for students living on campusn/a
Avg. price for students living off campus$17,726


Total applicantsn/a
Total admissionsn/a
Admission raten/a
Application fee$0
Average staff salary$57,258

25th percentile score

SAT math
SAT reading
SAT writing
ACT composite

75th percentile score

SAT math
SAT reading
SAT writing
ACT composite

Both the SAT and ACT scores are used for college admissions and generally contain the same types of content. The SAT score is derived by combining two sections with a low of 400 to a maximum score of 1600. The two sections are 200 to 800 for SAT Math and 200 to 800 for SAT Reading. The ACT composite score is derived by combining English, Math, Reading and Science with a range from 1 to 36.

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Student enrollment

Types of degree

Other colleges nearby

CollegeSAT rangeMilesCity
University of Washington-Tacoma Campus850 - 11003.8Tacoma, WA
Pacific Lutheran University980 - 12308.0Tacoma, WA
Saint Martin's University918 - 115019.8Lacey, WA
The Evergreen State College940 - 119024.5Olympia, WA
Seattle University1060 - 128026.8Seattle, WA
Seattle Pacific University1020 - 125028.8Seattle, WA
University of Washington-Seattle Campus1120 - 137029.9Seattle, WA
Northwest University870 - 111032.3Kirkland, WA
DigiPen Institute of Technology1092 - 133035.2Redmond, WA
University of Washington-Bothell Campus920 - 116038.7Bothell, WA
Central Washington University850 - 110094.7Ellensburg, WA
University of Puget Sound - 2.3Tacoma, WA
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Tacoma Community College: A Place to Grow

Tacoma Community College is a school that values academics and has some truly wonderful teachers. The curriculum I have experienced there has helped me to grow academically in a way more suited to my needs than I have had at either my local high school or my experience as a home school student. The teachers, the academics, the administration, the sports, the study resources, and the facilities all have contributed to making Tacoma Community College the place of growth that it is.Most teachers at Tacoma Community College teach with a passion and a desire for their students to flourish. Those teachers are the ones that, to me at least, exemplify Tacoma Community College. Teachers like those caused me to love the school and to love learning there. However, there are a few teachers that do not teach in a way that benefited me nor many of the other students I spoke to in their classes. One such example had a grading scheme that caused the class average to be the pass/fail percentage for the class and letter grades were based according to that. This caused many students to fail or withdraw. Due to the tutoring resources that Tacoma Community College makes available to their students, I was one of the students that passed, but without a way for students so speak to the college about that teacher, there was no way to get the college to intervene and help future students. Because of that, I am unable to give Tacoma Community College a full ten out of ten review for both teachers and administration. There are far more of those wonderful teachers at Tacoma Community College than there are bad ones, and for that, I am thankful to Tacoma Community College.When it comes to academics, Tacoma Community College sets learning outcomes for each class, but they do not dictate every lesson the teachers teach. This allows for each class to move dynamically through the material in a way that the teacher can shape to their students each and every quarter. In addition, this allows the teachers to teach in a fashion that suits them and expresses their passion for the subject. With the combination of those two factors, learning and growing academically at Tacoma Community College is firmly grounded in enjoyment and truth. However, when it comes to teachers that do not teach for the success of their students, this can cause problems, but I believe that that is an issue of administration, not one of academics.Administration is a factor that effects all aspects of a school. With the way that Tacoma Community College operates, I know that the administration, while having many good factors, does hold some issues. One of the things that they could do better, is having a way students can give feedback on their teachers so that if too many complaints come in, the college can intervene. That being said, when it comes to advising the advisers are always helpful and knowledgeable about the school and what classes suit each students needs be based on their future plans, whether they are a student taking part in a dual enrollment program, like me, who want to go to a four-year university once they graduate high school, or they are a returning student who wants a short program with a quicker pay-off. Another way that the administration shows its face, is by helping make each student feel welcome. There are many events going on on the campus to help connect students to a community. Administration at Tacoma Community College does have its flaws, but it cannot bring down the overall worth of the college too much in my opinion.Sports at Tacoma Community College, is the weakest point. The School does have some sports teams, but there is no spirit behind those teams. In fact, I attended the college for a year before I realized it still had sports teams. This is a problem due to the fact that there is no community behind this and the school does not really try to get students to support the sports teams. However, they are there, so Tacoma Community College cannot be considered completely lacking in that area. Academic resources for students is one thing that Tacoma Community College does very well. They have free tutoring for every subject, and all the tutors that I have encountered have done a wonderful job helping me get back on track if I ever fall behind. These tutors are better than I have encountered elsewhere, and are really a strong backbone to the academic stronghold that is Tacoma Community College.Finally, the facilities at Tacoma Community College are really nice. There are a few buildings that are older and therefore not as nice, but the technology that has been implemented in them is high quality. The other buildings, however, are beautiful, and comfortable, both in the classroom setting, and when studying in one of the study areas. All of their buildings have the high quality technology that one might not expect at a college, and they even have tablets for students to rent out. In addition, the sports facilities and the student gym are all well maintained and fit the students needs well.In conclusion, Tacoma Community College is overall a place students can grow academically, and in character as they learn to be passionate from their teachers. The college does have its flaws, but it would be nearly impossible to attend and not learn to love every step of the journey they walked there.
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Reason for reporting
Source: The Tacoma Community College data displayed above is derived from the 2016 National Center for Education Statistics and from the U.S. Department of Education.
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