AreaVibes $1,000 School Review Scholarship

AreaVibes scores and ranks cities and neighborhoods across the United States based on the Livability of each area. We believe that education is a vital component to Livability, as well as the key to our children’s future. To show our support and to contribute to the nation’s future generation of students, we are offering educational scholarship awards.

Open to all legal residents of the United States attending high school, college or university between the ages of 16 to 25. Simply create a free account below, then review your school to apply.

Next scholarship will be awarded: February 3, 2020
Deadline to apply: December 31, 2019
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How You Apply

Complete the registration process above; then select your school from the list and create your review. After your review has been submitted and if all qualifications have been met, you will automatically be eligible for the scholarship.

Who Can Apply

Please ensure that you meet all of the qualifications listed below prior to submitting your application. You may submit one application per scholarship award; any additional applications will not be reviewed or considered. You must be a US citizen between the ages of 16 and 25 and enrolled as a full-time high school student, college student, university student or enrolled in any other accredited institute of higher learning.

How It Works

The AreaVibes $1,000 scholarship is awarded once per calendar year. The scholarship can be used to cover any education related expenses such as tuition, books, housing, etc. The winner will be contacted directly via email and announced on our Scholarship Winners page.

How The Winner Is Selected

Eligible applications that are submitted will be judged based on the applicant’s ability to showcase a well written, thoughtfully and purposefully composed review. All winners will be asked to verify their age as well as their enrollment in either high school, college, university or any accredited institute of higher learning. The scholarship winner and all other applicants will be notified by email and the winner will also be posted on our Scholarship Winners page.

About The Review

The review must be submitted in English. The applicant must register through the form on this Scholarship page. Any applications or reviews submitted when registered from any other page, will not be considered. All reviews will be posted on AreaVibes in general public view.

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