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What are the neighborhoods like in Rodeo? Hi friends. Just need a city/town for my short story setting. What do the neighborhoods look like in Rodeo? Middle class? Any old and kind of rundown? Also, is it a pretty safe place? Has crime gone up throughout the years? Thank You, Lisa Marie
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Lisa MariePosted on Aug 05, 2012


Hi Lisa Marie I know how hard it is getting info about areas. We moved to Rodeo not to long ago. It was very difficult finding pertinent info. So I'll try to answer your questions. Neighborhoods look like any older lower middle class neighborhood across the country. The only difference in Rodeo is the hills and trademark oil refinery. Most homes are older but nicely kept. On any given street you have 1 or 2 very run down homes. Rodeo is mostly a safe place but, unfortunately, there is a projects closer to the bay and refinery. Some problems tend to filter up through that area. That said I should add that we have met some very nice neighbors here that we now call friends. Lastly Rodeo is a place with tremendous potential. It has a cute downtown area surrounded by neighborhoods. It has a small town feel. I wish someone would take enough interest in this town to develop downtown some more, clean out the projects and entice more tourist activity. Given those steps, Rodeo would be a real gem!
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kotodamaPosted on Oct 07, 2012
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