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Moving to Reno. where is the best place to Live?? I am 24 yrs old, just graduated college, and am moving to reno in about 2-3 weeks for a job. I need to know what the best place to live for a young professional in their mid-twenties would be. I would like a safe part of town with a general demographic and feel that matches my own. I love the outdoors, don't party too much but on ocasion, prefer small homey pubs, house parties, bbqs, etc. compared to night clubs, I'm very laid back, outgoing, friendly, love life kind of guy. I would like to move to an area with similar people. Any suggestions help, I've never been to reno. Thanks
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Ja_CoPosted on Apr 28, 2012


I am moving to Reno in a few weeks for a job as well. I saw your question and I am wondering the same thing, I don't know the area and have no idea what places are safe to find a place to rent. Let me know if you found out anything. Thanks
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AmelyaPosted on May 10, 2014
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