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life there I am living in hallandale. I am looking for a place with a much lower densit of people and not urban, but it must be in the lower half of florida because I have seasonal effective (I am affected by the lack of sun in the winter). I heard that port st lucie is lower in density, and quieter. I am 39 and single. But I don't have a lot of money and I heard it's expensive to live there. what can you get for $800-850. Is that enough? Am I going to get a junk place in a dangerous area for that much? Or a safe place I am paying 1200 now and it is about 350-400 too much. How are part time job openings? I am an oil painter so I was wondering if you have natural scenery. Here it is just horrible human distraught. I like nature Thanks, Steve
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midibimPosted on Feb 26, 2012
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