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HELP! Need Advice on Moving to Monterey Hello! My husband and I will be moving from Washington, DC to Monterey, CA at the end of August. I am having a terrible time finding an apartment that is under $2,000, doesn't get terrible reviews, and allows a small dog and cat. Both animals are spayed/neutered and our dog is under 20 pounds. We're used to higher rents from living in the District but I can't seem to locate anything online. We don't yet have a car so it would also come in handy if the apartment was within walking distance to public transportation as well as safe to bike in. My husband will be working across from Fort Ord in Seaside and ideally he'd love to bike to and from. ANY information would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately we don't have the means to fly out before moving to check out rentals so we're flying blind here. I've looked in Monterey, Pacific Grove, Seaside, Marina and even Salinas (despite the bad reviews I've seen of the entire city). We're getting desperate! Thanks for any information!!
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maggiedsonPosted on Jul 22, 2015
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