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A place to dig up a grave or get drunk out of boredom!!!

An antisocial community that expects everybody to communicate just with your lover or partner. Good luck to find friendship here. If you communicate with the same sex they think you are gay. Education sucks till you get in to college. No job opportunities. MELBOURNE City doesn't improve roads, routes, sidewalks. There is no pedestrian safety. A lot of places do not even have a sidewalk. And lets not get into any greenery to have some shade and cooling while you HAVE to walk. If you do not have a car you are screwed. Waiting for a bus every other hour and the sun sitting top above with those stupid palm trees planted for scenery makes you wonder why is there a vocab called pedestrian. This past season we had a hurricane and everybody was expected to evacuate on their own in Florida while Georgia State sent school buses for the disabled and people without vehicle access. Air conditioning and handyman services are way to expensive. Again you are expected to have a f... Buddy to have your shit done, especially if you are single. I guess all single woman have to please someone or force them selves into marriage so they can survive without being born a Male. And boy don't we have leisure time! We don't even have a square meter public pool! Everything you do is associated with paying off the city for extracurricular activities. Kayaks and paddles are rented hourly. Beaches and ocean water are filth. No swimming pool till May. Pool hours suck. Swimming in the ocean not an option because of dangerous wild life.Sincerely,A resident becoming a permanent nonresident.
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Melbourne, FL - From Space coast to French Mansions

Having gone to college at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne I can honestly say I love this city! Small and charming, Melbourne has it all. Melbourne has the coolest little neighborhoods anywhere. The streets are lined with French Victoriana homes, much like New Orleans, there are palm trees everywhere you look, and the food is to die for! From fresh seafood to spicy Creole dishes the city is filled with great little mom & pop cafes and bistro's.

A bit slower pace, Melbourne is great because it is so close to Orlando as well. Just over an hour's drive or so and you visit Disney World, the NASA space center and even go to the beach! I good mix of college kids and locals keeps the nightlife exciting. My friends and I always love renting a charter boat and going fishing off shore. There's nothing like reeling in a 300 pound swordfish! There's great diving nearby too. Melbourne was an important civil war area, and throughout the city you can find several good museums and old military forts to explore. Beautiful weather, friendly people great food, I love Melbourne!
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