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Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy-Manteca is a Private for-profit school located in Manteca, CA. Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy-Manteca has a total enrollment of 26 with a graduation rate of 69% and a student/faculty ratio of 4:1.

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School information

School typeNondegree granting, sub-baccalaureate
Institutional categoryPrivate for-profit
Avg. price for students receiving grants$15,917
Avg. price for students living on campusn/a
Avg. price for students living off campusn/a


Total applicantsn/a
Total admissionsn/a
Admission raten/a
Application fee$100
Average staff salaryn/a

25th percentile score

SAT math
SAT reading
SAT writing
ACT composite

75th percentile score

SAT math
SAT reading
SAT writing
ACT composite

Both the SAT and ACT scores are used for college admissions and generally contain the same types of content. The SAT score is derived by combining two sections with a low of 400 to a maximum score of 1600. The two sections are 200 to 800 for SAT Math and 200 to 800 for SAT Reading. The ACT composite score is derived by combining English, Math, Reading and Science with a range from 1 to 36.

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Other colleges nearby

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Saint Mary's College of California1016 - 123048.8Moraga, CA
Santa Clara University1210 - 140049.7Santa Clara, CA
University of California-Merced900 - 112052.3Merced, CA
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California State University-Sacramento835 - 106054.3Sacramento, CA
University of California-Berkeley1250 - 151057.2Berkeley, CA
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Menlo College920 - 109658.1Atherton, CA
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I attended the school from August 7th 2018- February 22, 2018 under the impression that I was going to graduate under the toni and guy name and that I was going to get my money's worth. The total the cost of the school rounded up to 20 thousand dollars considering the fact that it was a branded school. I've heard some good things about the school so I decided to go for it. The first few months of being there I had a total of 3 teachers while i was a freshman-sophmore. Dont get me wrong, the teachers and staff were talented but the structure and strictness while in school was non existent. The test the teachers would give out would be almost the exact same thing as the pre tests. School was suppose to start at 9 but in reality it didnt really start until 9:15-9:20. From the 6 months that I have been there I've only received 2 doll heads in total and a mini kit that was pretty much worthless. I struggled to work on clients because I didnt have the equipment. I spent more than 1 thousand on my own equipment. Dont get me wrong, I enjoyed the school but the only reason why I didnt leave any sooner was because of the amazing teachers and talented piors. From the 6 months that I been there I didnt receive my 2,500 dollar kit or any books at all. Everything was printed out in paper. Tons of copyright was done. I didnt have a book or booklet to study off from. They gave me access to an online website that helped a lot, but they TOOK IT BACK. The owners continued to make unfulfilled promises. There was a leaking roof, washer and dryer that didnt work and a heater that didnt work for quite sometime. So just image how cold it must have been during winter. Students were asked to go to the laundry mat to dry the towels for clients while on the clock. The students have to clean the school every day. It was just not a place that I felt was worth my money. To top it off I wasnt advised when I signed up for the school that the school was NO LONGER going to be toni and guy. Instead it was going to be Hairology. You may ask what is hairology? Well.... that's a very good question. Its surprising to me that they didnt tell any students ahead of time. It doesnt take 6 or less months to decided that you're changing a school. It's just ridiculous. That was just the end of it. State board came in and the owners came in as well. There was a lot of arguing, yes arguing. The owners were screaming and arguing at government people that have the power to shut them down. Unfortunately they are giving them 2 weeks to get everything together. I dont have any Hopes but if you do then good luck. Besides that if you're thinking of having a hair service done at that school. I advice to do so. The students are amazing and they know what they are doing. If you're planning on going to the school, adrian's is at tracy and California school of cosmetology and barbering is only 15 minutes away in Stockton. Dont make the same mistake as me, actually look at all your options. Cosmotology is a great career to go into.
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Source: The Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy-Manteca data displayed above is derived from the 2016 National Center for Education Statistics and from the U.S. Department of Education.
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