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I'm going to be 55 in March 2014 So, I am a HOMOSEXUAL MALE, retired USAF 0-6 and am quite interested in how I will be received by buying a home in age restricted Sun City Summerlin? Is Sun City composed of AM talk radio right wing nuts? Can you deal with a HOMOSEXUAL male living in your midst? I can see from the last 8 years l living nearby, that Sun City Summerlin drivers drive as if they are going to the funeral home. I'm almost 55, young, smart, educated and will kick the ass of some old right wing KRANK. Deal with it! Oh, did I mention my same sex husband? He's a bit younger than me. We'll be your next door neighbors.
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oldb522pilotPosted on Feb 19, 2014


Of course there will always be ignorant behavior in any neighborhood. What I have found is that if you are good and kind to others in the community, no one cares. I don't, and look forward to more diversity in our community and meeting you and yours. However, I am not a democrat so if you don't want to live by me, I will try to understand. The best to you. J
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JudithPosted on Apr 12, 2014
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